Wear Sunscreen that Does Not Kill Coral Reefs

The coral reefs we have on this Earth in our oceans comprise only a small fraction of the oceanic environment. Largely, this is due to various toxins which end up in ocean waters and these toxins can be toxic to coral. As a result, all of the coral reefs on the planet are expected to be gone within a 30 year period of time. We want to enjoy these beautiful reefs and the waters around them. Use reef friendly sunscreen to help the situation. Many different sunscreens contain compounds or multiple compounds which inflict harm to coral.

These reefs are part of the ecosystem and they keep a balance in the oceans which maintains normal conditions for all species in the seas. As long as we keep dumping toxins that harm coral into the oceans, these reefs will continue to disappear as they have been doing since we began using the ocean as a dumping point for various wastes from all over the world. Not all countries have the same safety laws and regulations for dumping wastes. This is about sunscreen, though. That means you have an opportunity to stop contributing to the destruction of coral.

If everyone who goes into the ocean waters wears a sunscreen that is safe to coral, it would massively reduce the toxic load on the coral and the other organisms that are a part of the coral environment. It is easy to find online and cheaper than it would be in the stores on the beaches. Take a look into this matter and consider how you can make a huge contribution to the coral environment just by not wearing coral toxic sunscreen. At the same time, it is important to wear sunscreen in order to protect against the skin damage the sun can cause. Help yourself and help the environment.